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Our Story

of enjoying the time together as a family. When my Mom passed away 2 years later I felt sad and abandoned. I gradually healed from the loss and I am able to look back and fully appreciate what a remarkable woman my mother was, particularly now that I have children of my own. My discovery early on that life can be short led to my determination to spend as much time as possible with my children and live a life filled with joy and rich with experiences.

I spent a lot of time with Georgia at dance when she was younger so I started going on special outings with Jackson. We still make a point of sharing quality time together but away from social media because he is more of a private person and I respect that. Georgia on the other hand is extremely social, so the concept of Mother Daughter Date evolved organically when we began doing Instagram Stories for fun. Georgia has always loved to make others laugh so she embraced the concept of doing a show together. My work as a live host for 23 years on morning television provided a natural transition to continue doing what I have always done. I can certainly say it's even better with my girl by my side!

I don't think our relationship is really much different than other mothers and daughters. Many of the situations we highlight are those that mothers and daughters everywhere can relate to.


Sometimes I feel like we are friends but I try to always remember that I am her mother, disciplinarian and role model. My wish is to continue to learn from and inspire each other.

I hope you enjoy our dates that are perfectly imperfect, but therein lies the beauty.

I was 17 when I found out my Mom had cancer.

She had finally retired after years of working long hours as a manager and was looking forward to being at home. It seemed so unfair that she would be fighting cancer instead 

With Love, 

Jennifer Valentyne

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